What’s It All About?

I love to write and I love to think so get ready for many random thoughts, revelations and ideas as you explore my blog.

I am a wife to the most wonderful man and a stay at home mom to two beautiful children: Weasley( my six year old Pokemon loving, red headed ball of fire boyo), and Wiggles (my adorable, very confident toddler girl).

Each moment is enchanting as I watch my family learn and grow. My husband and I are not observers to our children’s lives–we are partakers. We learn and grow as rapidly as they do. They teach us as many things as we teach them. Parenting is not a stagnant role it is actively changing my view of life, love, and God.

In this blog, I will share home making ideas such as home schooling, home organization and meal planning, parenting tips and tools (as I try them out on my kids), photography and other creative endeavors, and blog entries on simplifying life.


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