Monthly Archives: January 2011

Once Again…

Here I am at the beginning of new year. With me are my two kids–yup both of ’em. Once again I have pulled my Weasley out of school to teach him at home.

I have done this twice now.

Both times I failed.

I got so overwhelmed with how to teach him that I put him back in school for fear of failure. My failure. I was worried about giving him the “right” education. About being organized enough to teach him every thing he needs to know. Or everything that the school system told me he needs to know.

But what do they know?

And how am I supposed to teach a child when I’m not being true to my own self? I am happiest when I am a free spirit. If I want to teach my kids about leaves one day and long division on another then that’s what I’ll do, darn it. No one can tell me what my child needs or what I need at a particular moment in time. I guess in some ways this makes me an unschooler. Forget those complicated homeschool planners. I don’t need them. I need Weasley and Wiggles to be happy. I need them to learn but in their own way and at their own pace. And I need to teach them but it in my own way.

Our journey should be interesting. And unique. And that is great!


Do It Now

Since pulling my child out of school, I have put off many activities that both he and I would find fun and entertaining.

There is always something else to do. (Mostly something boring.)

If I have a super radical craft that I want to do with him, then I have to clean the whole kitchen (which usually turns into cleaning the whole house) in order to have the “perfect” workspace.

Of course, that means that a few hours later, when I have the “perfect” workspace, I don’t have time to do the craft. It’s dinner time, it’s bed time, it’s some-time-other-than-lets-have-fun-time.

And that is just wrong.

Do things when you think of it and life will be so much better. No time is more perfect than now.

Now is all you have. This moment. This is it. What you do with this moment is all that matters. Just do it. Do it now!