Ingenuity Comes From Lack–Mom’s Turn

I posted a few months ago how my son gained ingenuity from lack. That taking away his toys caused him to create and find new and interesting ways to spend his time.

Well, now it is my turn to come up with something from seemingly nothing.

I used to teach piano and was a music major in college. The curriculum choices available for teaching children piano constantly frustrated me. I always wanted to change something about them. Usually something that caused frustration in my student.

Recently I went online to see if there were some online programs or games for my son to play with that taught basic music skills. I was shocked to find that there was nothing.


Not a one.

Today, I gave my son a choice between the three instruments we had available in the house to learn to play one. He played with the flute for a while, got frustrated learning the breathing. Ok, I understand that–it really is tricky. Some day we will come back to that.

Then we pulled out my old violin. He gave it a good try but didn’t quite click with it.

Then we sat down at the piano. We sat there for about 30 minutes while he attentively learned the very basics of the piano keyboard.

(Quick note, this child is never attentive.)

Now the book that I used to teach out of I still have and pulled it out to teach him. And low and behold it frustrated both of us. Just not cool.

When I was teaching, it was the best I could come up with but now, it just isn’t enough. So for the entire afternoon I sat down at the computer and began constructing a new curriculum. One that I just might be happy with and one that just might teach my children to play the piano with minimal frustration.

Or so I hope.


3 responses to “Ingenuity Comes From Lack–Mom’s Turn

  1. Good luck with this. It sounds fabulous. Could be a business, too!
    I love that out of nothing, something emerges. We’ve removed most of our children’s toys too and their (already great) creativity has increased.

  2. It’s so good to hear other parent’s experience with minimalizing their kid’s toys. I’m really enjoying simplifying my kids live’s and allowing them to think and being creative! It’s amazing what they come up with! 😉

  3. …we also ditched all tv etc…they can entertain themselves for hours. Love it.

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