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The Box

I marvel at kid’s imaginations. At anyone’s imagination, really. I can remember having a strong imagination as a kid, too. You really do go to far off places and toys really do come alive! Funny that I can’t really remember when I lost that… Maybe I haven’t and I just don’t know it.

Tonight Wiggles took a bath with maybe eight toys and the little toy box that holds them all. Of all the objects floating around in her bubbly bath the ones that interested her the most was a string of pearls and the box.

Now let me tell you about this box.

Thanks to Wiggles imagination, that box became a hat. A very pretty hat, mind you! Then it became a hiding place used for peak-a-boo. The box then became a seat. And the seat became a form of transportation that scooted Wiggles across the tub. The box then turned into a horse and Wiggles rode that horse quite well! Then, well, the box had to become a drum! A very wet and splashy drum but a drum none the less. The box took one more round of being a pretty peak-a-boo hat and then became a container again.

Whoo! What adventures that box and Wiggles had tonight. And I got to be there! What a gift parenthood is!

Even though Wiggles is only one, she chose the most versatile toy in the bunch–the toy that could be anything she wanted it to be. I am reminded again that kids (and adults) are fed too much entertainment. I love seeing my kids use their imagination to play and learn and enjoy life.