Monthly Archives: March 2010

Take the Plunge

We live in a world of fear and “I can’t.” We live in a “free world of oppression.”

There are so many things that people think are not “okay” or not “safe.”

For instance, with my son, my husband and I made a mistake.  We put him in the wrong school and he is not happy so we are going to remedy that.  I am going to homeschool him.  I’m pulling him out today.  Some people ask

“You can do that?”  Heck yes!  Of course I can!  He is my son–not the school’s, not the state’s, not the goverment’s.  Of course there are “regulations” but big deal my child’s education and happiness come first–I’ll do what I have to in order to improve that for him.

You’ve got to just take the pludge.  Not fear the outcome.  I’ll say it again–do not live in fear of possible outcomes!  You have NO idea what the future will  bring so don’t fear what you don’t know.

My husband and I both have an adventurous spirit.  We want to travel and live in different places.  Most would give that up for their children.  We almost did. But why? Why can’t your kids live out your dreams with you?  Our children are going to have a beautiful view of the world only because they are going to see us taking chances, not living oppressed lives of fear.  Not settling down into the corporate culture wishing our lives were different.  Our lives ARE going to be different and so are our kid’s.  And its going to be GREAT!  They may complain some day that they don’t have a “traditional” life but we aren’t a “traditional” family.

See, getting married and having kids doesn’t mean you are “settled down”

into a life of family rearing and you have put off dreams and goals.  It only means you have more people to share your passion for life and dreams with.

All you have to say is “I can” and “I will.”

We live on a small farm.  For 2 years I want to raise chickens and goats and ride my horse and have my kids play with their best friend– the dog.  When our 2 years are up here I want to travel to a different country and different culture and different climate. Then after a year or two  I want to switch it up again.  The only way that is going to happen is if we DO it.  If we set up the timeline, the goal, the savings etc. and DO it.

Don’t say “I wish” say “I will!”

Get inspired, live your dream.

Don’t just make it a long lost dream–make it reality.

Don’t get stuck in everyday life, make everyday life lead to something exciting!

It IS possible!  Just say I CAN do that!  And DO it!